The Advocate

June 6 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: 1 John 2:1-2

As a Christian, we should never move forward unchanged. Never forget what Jesus has done in your life, His saving grace. Jesus is the mediator between us and God. The only way He can do this is if we’ve been born again. We are all sinners and we should hate this fact and should strive for a sinless life. The only way to do this is to put the flesh under control.

God has provided a better sacrifice and one that would do a job forevermore. Why would God do this? Because He loves us and wants to provide us a way of escape from Hell. Jesus didn’t need repentance because there was nothing to repent of, He was sinless. Jesus didn’t need to do a sacrifice because He was sinless. We provide three dedicated nights of opportunity to repent before we take of His body and blood. Go before the advocate and ask for forgiveness.

When the devil is finished with you death is sure to come. People don’t care about sin and they only want the thrill of sin. Sin brings forth death and a forever death. In our country, if one goes before a judge one must have someone to plea your case. Usually, you will want your case to be that you are sorry, innocent. Court-appointed attorneys do not care about your case, they are only about themselves and getting paid. However, for a price, we can get an attorney that will plea our case before the judge. Jesus the great advocate paid a price to be our attorney to plea our case before God the great and final judge. God has no choice if Jesus is our advocate but one must have Jesus as their attorney and for that to happen, one must be saved.