Take Some Meat

April 19, 2023

Series: Misc Sermons

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Scripture: Acts 27:13-38

Our life’s journey can take us on a weary trip at times. We all take a journey like this. At times, people think that they should take a break from church if they become weary. This is the worst thing one can do because once you’re away from God, the devil will begin to attack. People try to save themselves but this is a doomed thought.

The Physical
God fed the children of Israel every morning. For 40 years God gave them food and on the day before the sabbath, He gave them twice the amount to take them through the Sabbath. Sampson was watered by God after he slew the Philistines. Water came from the jawbone of a donkey to sustain him. Ruth was gleaning in a field and the men before her were purposely dropping wheat for her. God was dropping handfuls of purpose for her. God takes care of His own. Ruth found so much she could hardly drag it home. Elijah was told by God to go to a brook and wait. Birds would bring him food to eat while he obeyed and sat by the brook. For 3 and half years he sat by the brook until it finally dried up. God provided Elijah food and water the entire time then God told him to find a particular widow woman. Elijah found her and she was poor and was planning to eat what she had and she and her son were going to die. She obeyed Elijah and baked him a little cake. God then blessed the widow woman by not having her oil and meal ever end.

If God takes pride in feeding us physically then how much more does He take pride in the spiritual?

The Spiritual
Matthew 4:4; a statement that declares we don’t need physical food as much as we need spiritual food. When a person gets spiritually weary the flesh tells us to just sit down and not go to church. When you’re spiritually weary you’re not reading your bible and you’re not praying. Elijah never missed a meal and yet even though he got cross with God, God still provided. When you get down spiritually, stop and take a nap, and rest. Not one time do you need to take a break from God, church, prayer, or your bible. Elijah told God to take his life because he was so spiritually weary. He fell asleep and was awakened by an angel and was told to eat.
Matthew 5:6; hungering for the spiritual. God can heal you physically. A lot of time the physical ailments are spiritually brought on. If one can get their spiritual life straightened out then their physical life would get better. When you need spiritual food from God don’t excuse yourself from His table. If you’re not receiving the meat from God then what sustains you?

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