Step Inside The Tomb

April 17 2022
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Luke 24:1-8

John was an eyewitness to the event. It was important that they did the simple thing of making an effort to go to the tomb of Christ. They took additional splices and ointments to the tomb of Christ according to their customs of the time. If an obligation brought you to church then thank God. They felt obligated to wake up early and make the journey to the tomb of Christ. It wasn’t an accident that they did these things because God had it all planned out way in advance. 
In verse 2 we see that they found the stone had been rolled away from His tomb. The obstacle was moved before they got there. Just as us attending church there are obstacles that try to keep you from attending. Think about the things that try to keep you out of the church, there are always numerous obstacles.
In verse 3 we see that they entered inside the tomb. There is a difference between just looking in and going in. The world is full of so-called believers. They claim to be saved but they’ve never been changed by God. One can claim it all day long but you must be Born Again. The preacher could shake your hand all day long and tell you that your baptism and prayer got you saved but that would be a lie. Out of fear and doubt how many have turned their back on God? Standing on the outside looking in yet for whatever reason fear, shame, or doubt is keeping you from coming in. Some people are quick to jump yet can’t go all the way. They act excited to be invited to church yet can’t seem to follow through. John was one that was quick to run to the tomb, so fast in fact that he beat the others to the tomb. Yet, he stood outside of the tomb and refused to enter in. All he had to do was to take the next step and he was inside the tomb. How many people run or make it to church yet are just one step away from a breakthrough? When it comes to salvation, close will not do.
Inside the tomb was the folded napkin that covered Christs’ face, a clear indication that He was coming back. This message was on the inside of the tomb and they had to go inside the tomb to see this. Peter went inside and he saw this napkin. No one can be saved or go into the tomb for you. It’s a personal experience. Once Peter went in, John followed, saw, and believed. Standing on the outside he didn’t believe but once he stepped inside, he believed.