Somebody Told Me About Jesus

May 30 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Romans 10:9-17

It goes beyond reason that a person would call upon God when they don’t know God. The Christian has to tell those that do not know Jesus about Him. It leaves the church responsible. Inventory your life just this week to see how many times you shared Jesus with someone. If no one had ever told you about Jesus then you would never know about it Him.

How many of you take it seriously the great commission? It’s not just the pastor’s responsibility. Not a single person is responsible for someone’s salvation, however, we are all responsible for telling about Jesus. God didn’t tell the world to share the good news of Jesus Christ, He told the church, Christians. All of the believers already know how and what to share Jesus. An unbeliever has no idea what to share about someone they don’t know. A Christian knows Jesus therefore they know how to share Him.

Our friend Victor was called into the mission field to go to Rome. He thought he was going to be sharing Jesus with the Romans but what he found out God sent Him to share to Afghans and Muslims. He may have not called you into another country but He did call you into your backyard. Stop excusing yourself to share Jesus until He tells you. He’s already told you to do it, so do it! God didn’t choose a different method to share the gospel, He chose word of mouth. There is no exception for the Christian to sharing Jesus. If you’re fearful to share Jesus it’s due to fear, flesh. We are not to walk in the flesh but in the spirit and if you walk in the spirit it’s not hard to share Him.

Zacchaeus was told about Jesus and he wanted to see Him. Zacchaeus was of short stature and he couldn’t see thru the crowd so he climbed a tree. That day as Jesus walked through he told Zaccheus to come down and Jesus forever changed his life.