Somebody Open The Gate

December 27, 2020

Series: Misc Sermons

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Scripture: John 10:1-21

Jesus told this to many at that time about keeping sheep. He told this because they all knew how shepherds worked their sheep. Sheep could mingle with other hearts of sheep and when the shepherd called for his sheep, his sheep knew his voice and they would come out from amongst the other sheep. The sheep would obey their masters voice and wouldn’t follow another shepherd.
Now is the time to step out for Jesus. If you’ve been born again then you know the difference between good and bad. You know what brings death and destruction and you know what brings growth.
Psalm 9:13-14
Jesus opened the gate when He came and fulfilled His promise. Gates are important because they keep the bad out and the good in. They offer a state of protection. 
Leviticus 21
There was a law where many people were not allowed to be “Christian” people, godly. They had to be of a type of perfection in order to be godly. Jesus fulfilled the law and made it a way that no matter the imperfections of a person, they are free to come to Him.
There is a 2-way traffic for the redeemed in the gate. The redeemed are free to go out into the world to seek those that need Jesus. Then they are free to enter back thru the gate to Jesus. The lost can only live on the outside of the gate because they are denied access to the side of Jesus but ONLY because they’ve chosen that life.
Jesus told us that we operate on faith. Those that are evil and corrupt look for a sign and operate with fleshly goals. Those that do not have faith, not saved, are looking to the saved for their “signs” of a larger being. God deals with the spiritual and with faith and not the materialist side of things. 
Jesus is the resurrection from the death gate. You’re either lost or saved. You’ve either been washed with the blood of Christ or not. Many people think that they are fine, good with their life. They think that as long as they live a life of good, they are all going to Heaven. They think that as long as they say they know God, it’s alright with their soul. Some think they can do works, acts to get into Heaven. There is but only ONE way into Heaven and that is thru Jesus Christ, the one and only gate.