February 14 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

Shutdown & Restart

Bible Passage: Psalm 119:33-40

There should be an earnest desire to change when we pray. This change should be desired because we need Gods guidance to walk thru life. There are three points of prayer that we will focus on in this message. Change our mind, our will, and our actions.
Each time we go to God in prayer we should have a resetting of the mind. In verse 33 we see David ask God to teach him of Gods way. Then once God teaches him then he will do them. We should be willing to allow God to teach us and then we should do our part and keep it. Never stop being a student of God. We shouldn’t be just hearing it but also doing it. Looking in your own life when someone asks you why you’re in a bad mood and your reply is, you just woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Shame on us. We should ask God to teach us, change our mood, mind that will renew us. The mind itself is a battlefield in itself. So many avenues for the outside world, the devil to infiltrate the mind and cause us to stumble.
The enemy is a liar and we know this. He takes the very thing that IS truth and manipulates it in such a way that he changes it to create a lie. Is your hope in this world? Where are you today? Hundreds of things run thru our mind at all times and most all of it is sinful, worldly, sent from the devil. Our mind should be fortified against the devil. How do we do that, David stated it and we should be asking God to teach us. If it doesn’t line up to the truth of God, the Bible, then it’s a lie from the devil. In your life and your education, there was likely a teacher that you liked better than the rest. This was likely due to the fact that this teacher cared for you more than the others. In this certain class you also likely did better in that class than the others. God loves and cares for you more than any teacher ever have before. Don’t let the enemy lie to you to tell you anything different than that fact.
We also need the ability to apply the teaching. Do you believe that God can make you do anything? Whether you like it or not, God will make you do it.
There are times in our lives that we get overwhelmed but the junk of our lives. If you’ve ever worked with a computer then you know what a reset is. When your computer gets overloaded and it just locks up the only option you have is to hit the reset button. In our lives we can get overloaded and locked up. When this happens we should ask God to help us and request for Him to hit our reset button. Change our minds and cleanse our minds and make us do the right.