Share the Good News

June 14 2020
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Mark 16:1-16

Most are very well aware of what is going on in the world today. Lately when one sees the news we only see the bad news. Bad news is what sells, thus the reason of seeing it all the time. Now many times many want to rise up and take a stand in what we think, taking sides. Now we as Christians should know that the good news is that all can be saved.

Everything in the Bible is pointing to the coming of Christ.

Every single one of us is responsible in sharing the good news of Gods saving grace. In this world, the lost, it’s up to the Christian to give them the good news. Reason being is that the world is selling bad news. In the church house it should be about one thing and one thing only. It shouldn’t matter about the color of our skins, what we drive, or who we voted for. It should be about one thing only and that’s God and His saving grace. In this day and time the devil has many distracted upon other things. The world needs God in their lives because we are lacking the love of God.

1 Cor 15:1-4
Isa 53:4-6; 10-11

We should love our enemies, have compassion towards those that hurt us or offend us. Stop focusing on the wrongs of those and pray and love those that do the wrongs of the world.

There is good news for those that are lost, Job 14:14. Sin is sin and it’s been like what we are dealing with in the world today, forever. God loved you enough, even though you felt like you were nothing, and sent His ONLY son to be the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. His son was sinless and took a beating that no one ever deserved especially Him. He took the lashings and crucifixion without saying anything. He died and rose on the day He said He would. He did all of this because He loved YOU.