Set Your House In Order

October 31 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: 2 Kings 20:1-6

All will die. This is nothing new and it shouldn’t be shocking to anyone. Since you know that death is sure one should prepare for it. There is a lot that one can do to get their house in order for death. One would be that they could make sure that their debts are taken care of and paid off. One might think that since you’re young you would have plenty of time to prepare but young and old die every day. Life is uncertain, no one knows when they will leave this world. There is a line that is marked for everyone and you will not cross it. There will be no medicines or doctors that will be able to move that line. Death must and will come to everyone. When one becomes convicted of their sins, become lost then a great fright will come over them because they realize they will die. The question is not about death but where are you going afterward. You have a choice on where you will go after death, Heaven or Hell. Good advice would be to get ready to die. A will should be made, funeral arrangements, etc. should go ahead and be made because you know it’s coming.

For a Christian death is not the problem. We’ve got that box checked off. However, the truth is that for a Christian they long to be with God but they also want to live. At one point in their life, they made the choice to be saved, and once they die they will lift their eyes in Heaven.

For a lost person death is a problem because that is the end of them making a choice. Their choice was to not be saved and Hell will forever be their home.

A doctor has no idea when a person will die. They see test results and give you their best guess based on the statistics of others. Only God knows when death will come.

So where are you going at the time of your death? Are you ready to die this second? Set your house in order, you WILL die. So many today are not prepared to meet God.

Funerals are a reminder of your time and others. Out of respect, we pull over when we see a hearse and procession. We know that we ourselves will soon be just like the one in that hearse. Once your time is up Heaven or Hell is where you will be forever, eternally. There is no middle ground to make your mind up. The only time you have is right now while you are still breathing.

Are you a child of God? Are you saved? Are you ready?

Most all people die without warning. It’s not your driving that you have to worry about. It’s not your health that you must worry about. If you can’t make your heartbeat how can you stay alive? You can have all the money in the world yet still die and die lost. You can’t take it with you so what does it profit you?