Selling Yourself Short

November 13, 2022

Series: Misc Sermons

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Many people are just settling into the comfort of their here and now. The United States could be the only peace, “promise land” that some may ever know. The reasons they stopped short.

They over-valued their here and now. Many think that as long as you live in peace with others then you’ll be just fine. Don’t sell yourself short of the promises of God. Open your eyes and see that God is always battling the spiritual demons all around you to protect you. If you sell yourself short of the word of God then there is nothing but heartache coming your way. He will allow you to sit down on Him but He wants more, better for you than just that. If you’re basing your fit by looking and comparing what you see around you in this world, then you’re letting yourself and God down. If you think that you’re doing good right now based on what you see surrounding you then what you see is deceiving. The things you see down here will all be burnt up in a fervent heat one day, all destroyed. Took many in the spiritual kingdom have looked into this world and established what they want. Don’t sell yourself short of the promised land. Are you afraid of rocking your boat to stand up for Jesus Christ? We have churches that selling out for the here and now. Why? They’ve removed the word of God and brought in entertainment to tickle the ears and sell a feel-good life. There is nothing in this world that is secure. We do not learn from our history in fact we like to repeat it. Think of the ark that Noah built. The people were told and warned for years yet they were so happy and comfortable in their sins that they didn’t care about the warning. We live in such a way today while people have been warned for years about Heaven and Hell, yet people are too happy with their sins to be saved from Hell. God doesn’t promise you the things of this world but the things of Glory, Heaven. We have overvalued the things of this world and you are selling out the promise of God.

They also under-valued their future. We’ve just been given a small glimpse of Heaven. That small glimpse into Heaven should be enough to know that there is nothing down here worth missing Heaven. God doesn’t owe us anything. God did NOT promise us this world. Yet He promised His children that He was going away into Heaven to prepare us a place and where He is we will be there too. If you think your family needs more money, houses, cars, etc. then you’re wrong.

These tripes did this just to have fatter cattle. That’s all they were worried about. They knew the promise and what they wanted is not what He promised. They wanted what they wanted and not what God wanted for them. God didn’t break His promise to them and the tribes didn’t break their promise either. In the end, God granted them what they wanted. The problem was that what they wanted was earthly and what God wanted for them was Godly. The temple was on one side of Jordan (barrier) and they were on the side they wanted. They had separated themselves from God.

What are you selling out for? If it’s not in God then you’ve purchased a counterfeit. Sell out to Jesus.