Seeing It In This Fashion

May 19 2022
Series: Revival

Bible Passage: Luke 5:17, Mark 2:1-12

Your religion will not save you. Your goodness will not save you.

The Christian needs to praise God inside and outside the church house. It’s easy to praise Him in the church but outside it’s more difficult.
In your family or workplace does anyone know that we are in a revival? It’s not about us but about getting people to Jesus for salvation.

Our words need to be right in the church but also outside of it because our words reveal our hearts. What is it that keeps rolling out of your mouth? Anywhere you go are you teaching, preaching, and telling people about Jesus?

Is it True before it comes out of your mouth? You don’t need to be just close, it must be right. Is it Helpful? Is it Inspiring? Is it Necessary? Is it Kind? Colossians 4:5; we should walk in wisdom. Ask God for wisdom and He will give it. This isn’t a country club or a rest home. You don’t command God to do what you want Him to do.

There is a problem in every pew. We all carry our own burdens. All we have to do is just give it all to Him. Stop worrying about yourself or others and begin to worry about how God sees you. Praise the Lord with everything you’ve got because it’s important to Him. To praise is to boast. Have you boasted on Jesus this week about the revival?

Through the foolishness of preaching. There are a lot of people that will look at us and think we are foolish by the way we act.

Your words will tell on you. Inside and outside of this building you are a witness. Whatever you do or say on a mountain with your buddies while hunting is a witness. There is no, what happens on the mountain stays on the mountain.

All of your words must be right
Your witness must be right.
Your work must be right. If you’re saved then God has given you something to do, a talent, to work for Him. Ephesians 2:10,
Philippians 1:6, we need to work until Jesus returns. John 9:4
Your worship needs to be right. It needs to be done in Spirit and in Truth.

God created us all in strength and we should I’ve in our strengths and not our weaknesses.
Desire, Sees others before themselves.
Dedicated, makes some out of an opportunity.
Determined, not going to quit.
Disciplined, Fight for the goal.

Crowd, Climb, and Clay.
The crowd is those that just come because they have to.
The climb is the work that must be done.
The clay is self.

Love, Grace, Mercy, and Hope