See In Part

February 19, 2023

Series: Misc Sermons

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Scripture: 1 Corinthians 13:12

We look at others and we judge, it’s just what we do. We only see in part. We are all living in enemy territory. We only see in part. We can’t see the angels and demons fighting around us. Homosexuals are only about 3% of the population but the media would have you believe it’s much, much larger. Be encouraged in Christ. Stop letting the world dictate what you believe. The world is wrong. Satan has come to steal, kill, and destroy. He wants the Christians to keep their mouths shut. Who do you fear more, man or God? We are supposed to be supporting the weak and those that can’t speak for themselves, yet we bow down to the WOKE agenda. The media is trying to shut down the Christian voice. The government is trying to neutralize the church body. There is no family without a husband and a wife, male & female. Your behavior matters. If you love Jesus you will stand and make it known. The world wants you to have a religion but without Jesus Christ.

One can’t please God without a change. One can go through all the motions yet miss Heaven. One can go to church and cry about what we witness in the world and cry out to Jesus for help. All the while going back out into the world and living just as unholy as the next.

Thousands of preachers were living and preaching in Germany at the time of Hitler. Hitler had a new agenda and one of them was to remove religion. He then began to remove the Jews and destroy the churches. At this very time, America is destroying Christianity one church at a time. The anti-Christian movement is all around us and they are pushing it out faster and faster. The government we have currently are trying to destroy our children. At one time the people of America stood their ground against the government when it overstepped its boundaries. The Christian is to use the Bible to know what’s right and wrong. It’s our compass to point us to the true north, Jesus Christ.

If your life is going easy with no issues then you’re not in the battle, you’ve laid it down. We can’t see the battle around us but what we do know is that there is a battle going on. The devil is trying his best to destroy the world. If you’re just attending church and getting those Holy Ghost goosebumps and walking out and not working, you’re missing the mark. God doesn’t like that and you’ll answer for it. We all have work to do and it’s not just to feel good.

Jesus Christ is the commander and chief. He has never lost a battle. Don’t sit back and miss your opportunity. We don’t and can’t tell God what to do. We don’t command God, He commands us. Sin is the problem. Sin is what separates one from God. Sin is what’s destroying our nation. Sin is what will take one straight into Hell.

John 8:44
The devil is a liar and always will be.

Have you lost your first love? God loved you before you know Him. He is your first love. Are you living in a way that others can’t see God through you? Are you saved?

Don’t lose heart. Have you not stood up for God? Bring it to God.