Satan Desires to Have You

November 6, 2022

Series: Misc Sermons

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Scripture: Luke 22:31-34

There are spiritual battles going on around us all the time. Aren’t you glad you don’t know about or can’t see them? Jesus knew Peter would cut a man’s ear off later that night, He also knew that he would deny him three times.

We should be doing something that the devil wants to attack. The devil doesn’t care about those that don’t work for God. It’s only when you’re working for God that he will come after you. Satan wants to destroy your life because he is your enemy. As the scripture states, he wants to sift us as wheat.

Satan desires to have you yet he can’t have you if you’ve been born again. The enemy has no power over God and His children. In this reading, Jesus tells Peter that Satan desires to sift him as wheat. In the very next verse, Jesus gave him the solution, the stopping of Satan’s power. Satan can desire all he wants to but he can’t have a Christian. Jesus told Peter that he prayed for him. This may seem simple but think about what this really means. When Jesus spoke, things happened. Jesus spoke and a dead man became alive.

Hebrews 7:25; Jesus is able to save. Jesus prays and makes intercession for you. Always! Because He prayed for you there is nothing that you can’t have. Your Savior’s checkbook will never bounce.

Romans 8:34; Yet again we see that Jesus intercedes for us, always. He wants us to get this!

Romans 8:27; Not only do we have Jesus praying for us but we also have the Holy Spirit praying for us. Where does the Holy Spirit live? He lives inside of us, with us, always.

Not only do we know Jesus prays and the Holy Spirit prays but other Christians, the church prays for us. We’ve been given a commission from God to love one another and if you follow God then you will pray for one another. James 5:16.

We also pray for ourselves. It might be our most said prayer, “Help me!”. Do you know what happens when you pray for yourself? Usually, God speaks back.

You will never go down when you are praying. This means you should always be praying. If you are always praying then you shouldn’t turn your back on God. Your Christian life should always include praying. The Word of God, the Bible will never fail. This means what He said is true and will never fail. He plainly said He will never forsake you or leave you.