Retaliations & Enemies

October 14 2020
Series: Misc Sermons
Topic: Beatitudes

Bible Passage: Matthew 5:38-48

Matthew 5:38-42; Retaliation: 
We all at some point will endure persecution for Christs sake, it’s the response that’s important. We have no right to respond with revenge. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. We’ve all heard this saying and it goes against Gods word. It’s very hard to push the flesh back and retaliate when something goes against us. Stop and think of Jesus, if He had taken revenge on those that were wrongly done to Him, we would all be in Hell.
Matthew 5:43-45; Enemies:
We are not allowed to hate anyone. Jesus is very clear with the response that His children are to have. Why is it important that we respond like Jesus? 
  1. That we resemble our Father, Christ. It will prove that we are His.
  2. Because God loves everyone. If God loves them then we have no excuse to love also.
1 Peter 2:20-24
Matthew 5:46-48
We see that going thru actions is just the same as anyone else. The lost great the lost just the same as anyone else. These actions mean nothing. 
We should strive to be perfect just as God is perfect.