Resting In God or Resting Against God

November 11 2020
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Ephesians 6:10-20

When we look around the world today we see Christians tending to fight against themselves or the wrong thing. God knows everything and He knows that when you fight against the wrong thing you’re fighting against Him.
We do not fight against the people, flesh but the spiritual, evil. We are nothing without Christ and once we humble ourselves to realize this, we will be better off.
We live in a time of doubt, hatred towards families, the need of depending on self instead of God, and we no longer pray as a family. We live in this time because we’ve lost our first love. We need more Christians to take a stand for Christ.
When you do something wrong against God and You’re one of His, you will feel the conviction of that sin. This is a good thing! This is God taking that sin from the depths of your bowls and pulling on those things to get rid of them. That’s the uncomfortableness of the conviction. Conviction of sin is a good thing for a Christian as it brings forth growth as a follower of God. Every single person wrestles against Gods word because we are all human, flesh. Repentance is a must because God wants a relationship with you.
Every person has a soul and they all need salvation.