Reevaluating God

November 13, 2022

Series: Misc Sermons

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Scripture: Genesis 15:1-7

Is it a treasure?
Is it a risk?
Is it a sacrifice?
Is it a time?

Do you value God as a treasure?
Matthew 13: 44-46; notice in these scriptures we see they gave everything for a great price. We are afraid of total commitment. What if God calls you to be a missionary to Africa. What if God calls you to be single for life.

Is it a risk?
If you’re lost then you’re afraid to trust God. It’s a risk. What would you take for God? What have you given up? What have you sacrificed for Him?

What we do is look at the loss. Look at what you have and not what you lost. The lost are afraid of what they are going to lose and don’t look at what they could gain.

Are you a living sacrifice? This is a reasonable thing. When you get to Heaven we’ve made no sacrifice. We did nothing. God did it all. Is it time tonight to give your all to God?

Genesis 22: 1-13; 17-18; 14
Are your children more important than God?
We can often talk a good talk but do you actually follow through? When the rubber meets the road, what’ll you do?

It’s not about renunciation but about reevaluation. Stop looking at what you’re giving up and what you’re getting.