Quit Moping Around!

May 9 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Luke 24:13-35

The resurrection had taken place and many were confused as to what had taken place. Just a few testimonies were recorded as we read the Bible and one of them is Luke’s. 
Mary and the other Marys were first told by the angel what had taken place. They then went and told Peter and James (John) what had taken place and they came running to the tomb of Jesus. When they got there one went in and seen another message that Jesus had left for them. All while even though these things had happened and Jesus had told them that He would rise in three days, they couldn’t believe it. Jesus died and yet His body had disappeared. 
Two men had begun on their journey on their way back home, they were confused just as we usually are. We oftentimes are confused by the world we live in which is by the devil himself. Most are so dependant upon being spoonfed by someone else instead of feeding themselves by reading the Word of God. Many of us go thru great confusion and it’s because the enemy doesn’t want us to see the truth. God didn’t call us to save people but to preach to people. Most people when you talk to them are just negative, nothing good is taking place in their life, just sadness all the time. 
These two men struck out being distressed because of the events that had taken place, depressed? Possibly. The next thing that took place during their moping Jesus showed up. Now they didn’t recognize Jesus because the last time they had seen Him, He was a bloody mess and beat beyond recognition. Jesus asked them what they were talking about and why they were so sad. If you know Jesus there should be nothing that you should be depressed about. One of them told Jesus about what had happened and what they just witnessed. Now the first thing is, is that they didn’t know who Jesus was. They thought Jesus was just a prophet that could do miraculous things. 
Not only were they confused about who He was but what His purpose was. They thought Jesus was to bring them out of bondage, physically. Jesus did not come for the whole but came for the sick and bound, to heal and set us free. 
Then they were also confused about what had happened or what Jesus said He would do. Jesus said that they would take His life but He would rise again. How many times has Jesus talked to us and told us something and yet we were not moved? How many times have you sat through a service listening to what He gave a minister and yet we leave like we were never there? They told Jesus that they had been told that many had seen Him and that He walks among several. 
Jesus then called them out because He could see within their hearts. It was about their lack of belief that was causing their depression. He then began to talk and teach them about the great men of old beginning with Moses. As they walked with Jesus they were about to be checked. Jesus then told them He was going to go on and they wouldn’t hear of that. They wanted more of Jesus. How many of you are like these two men and want more of Jesus? If you want and you do what it takes, He will give you more of Himself. They begged Him to stay with them and Jesus just told them, okay. They made some bread and before they ate of it Jesus broke it and began to pray. They had witnessed this before and they began to open their eyes – heart- to then know that this man was Jesus. Seconds before they didn’t recognize Jesus and once they knew it was Him, Jesus vanished. Jesus didn’t come to eat, He came because He loved them, He was on a mission, He stayed because they asked Him to and once they saw Him for who He was, He left. 
He revealed to them the truth and now they had a job to do. They left out the same day, ran back to Jerusalem, and told everyone they met that Jesus was alive.
If your blessing is dependant upon someone else getting blessed, you’ve missed it. Are you excited that Jesus is alive?