Pure In Heart

September 27 2020
Series: Misc Sermons
Topic: Beatitudes

Bible Passage: Matthew 5:1-8

Being pure at heart is a must in order to do the first 5 items listed of the beatitudes. We need to understand what Jesus said about the heart. Matthew 6:21. Having been born again, there is a pure heart.
Everyday we have a decision to make about whether we will follow our flesh or God. Many people will say they are saved and yet live a different way. God knows the heart when we don’t. Everyday we must line up to God.
Acts 13:22
God knew David’s own heart and He knew David was after God’s heart. Yet, God also knew that David would fail Him later in life. We often cut ourselves short and say we are nothing like David. But, we see that David was also human and he failed just the same as we have. When David sinned and knew it, he repented and called upon the Lord to forgive him of his sin.
The now and eternal blessing:
The now: Is it a blessing when you have a pure heart or conscience? When you can lay your head down at night and not have a worry that your greatest love is for Jesus.
The eternal: The greatest blessing that we will ever experience is that we will see God.