Preach On!

April 18, 2021

Series: Misc Sermons

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It’s time that Gods people to preach the word. Paul told Timothy to preach the word cause it’s good for any ailment. Not only should be instant in season but we should also be instant out of season. Being ready when it’s good is easy. It’s when it begins to get hard is when it’s difficult to be ready.
We read in the Bible when the saved will begin to look after things that simply tickle their ears. Church attenders are leaving sound doctrine to search out a weak gospel. 
Just preach it!
We should preach the word in church and on the go. Each time we open our mouths we should be giving God the glory. We should preach it like we believe it. We should preach it like it’s written. One can fool others and even the preacher but you’ll never fool God. 
When do you preach it?
You preach it when no one seems to listen. There are those that have requested prayers for their loved ones. They’ve prayed nonstop for those loved ones that are lost. Never give up and continue preaching it! 
When the enemy is coming, just keep preaching. Never back down!