Practicing Sin Is Not Of God

June 7, 2023

Series: Misc Sermons

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Scripture: 1 John 3:1-10

We sit in a church where people are rebellious and stubborn to God. If you belong to God then you can’t continue to live that way. One must ask themselves if they live that way if they’ve truly been saved. When one commits to going to a particular college they made a promise to go to that school. We are blessed with young kids and they are using the altar. Where are the adults? Why are the adults not hitting the altar? The children are watching the adults. That’s what they do. The adults teach by example. If the adults are stubborn and rebellious against God then the kids will also act the same. If you have children you should be teaching them to chase after God. Women, you have a prayer meeting every Monday, take your daughters to the meeting. Men, likewise, you have a prayer meeting every Monday, and take your sons to the prayer meetings. The altars are dry because the adults are dry. God has promised His believers everything but we act like we have nothing. Lazy, stubborn, selfish, and rebellious. Do you enjoy worshipping God? Then why are you not doing it? Why are not attending church? We, adults, teach by example. The youth are longing for a relationship, most are looking for something. If we as Christian adults do not teach them then the world will. We’ve been actively praying for a revival for several months, why hasn’t it happened? Because the adults have better things to do, worshipping a different god. Parents, you should be making your children go to church. Why? Because we ought to want them to love God. Parents, you will answer for not showing, leading, and making your children go to church. The church today is not striving for its relationship with God. How many services have you been in where the preacher has asked for someone to come to the altar and no one came during the altar call? Shame on the believers for not using the altar. We ALL have something that we need God to take care of. It’s not about you, it’s about God. Nowhere in the bible does it say it’s about you or me.