Poor In Spirit

September 13 2020
Series: Misc Sermons
Topic: Beatitudes

Bible Passage: Matthew 5:1-3

Blessed: Fully satisfied. Another word is happy but it is limited. We often when asked state that we are blessed. We think of those earthly things that we have, food, shelter, family, etc. However, the lost and saved alike usually have these things. Try not to water down the word, blessed.
We are all a spirit. Notice the word is not capitalized meaning it is not talking about God, a being. Cowardliness is not something that should bring upon poor spirit as this is a sinful way. Fear is not a part of God.
What does it mean to be poor in spirit? The flesh is born to know how to be boastful. We must condition the flesh to know who is in charge. God is the creator and we are His creation. We must humble ourselves to God. We are living in a world where most are saying that we should pat everyone on the back for everything good even when it’s bad. 
Riches can’t bring upon happiness. Many of millionaires are not happy just because they have much money. Money is temporal. Then there are those that are as poor as poor could be but are happy.
In biblical time the Jewish people would pay for mourners to come when one would die. We think of how ridiculous this is however, we often attend church thinking that God needs us to be there. We think that God needs us to do something in order for Him to be able to do something.
Luke 18
We see a man that thinks that God was hearing him just because of his stature compared to the others. He came with pride and “thankful” that he wasn’t like the others that were there.
Then we see another man that was humble before God. He knew where he stood before God.
We see ourselves and services at our church. We excuse ourselves from attend worship for Sunday School, Sunday service, Sunday evening, and Wednesday services. We don’t attend because of pride and think we have it all under control. If the only time you attend or call on God when the troubles begin in your lives then you only use Him as a spare tire. You never think of Him until you need Him for something. A sinful pride lives within and God does not and can not honor over sin.
Another story of a woman that was also of high stature. This woman threw herself at Jesus’ feet and begged Him to remove the devils from her daughter. Now Jesus refused to do so because this woman’s heart was sinful. We see another story with a man and Jesus refused the same because the man only wanted it because of himself. Back to the woman, after He exposed her motive and her heart, she awoke. In our culture we often get upset and mad because our pride is exposed. Since the woman changed her heart Jesus healed her child.
There’s never been a soul saved that was proud.
Phil 2:3-11