November 15 2020
Series: Misc Sermons

Pluck It Out and Cut It Off

Bible Passage: Matthew 5:27-30

Just like the 6th commandment about killing someone, it goes beyond the physical part. God created men and He created women, male and female. This is a wonderful thing and ordained the institution of marriage between one man and one woman. Then humans took over and perverted this union with sexual sins. If people were right in their hearts then there wouldn’t be a sexual sin. So it’s not just the act of being unfaithful to ones spouse. What God knows and sees is what happens within a persons heart. This is not just for the married couples. James 1:13-15
Shouldn’t a Christian be better or greater at not breaking this commandment? Sexual sins is what has brought many of nations to their knees and destroyed. In the law of the land, committing adultery is not wrong. Just as adulatory is wrong, fornication is right underneath this commandment. Take just about any movie or TV program and you’ll quickly see that they always seem to bring in some type of sexual sin. 
Pornography is everywhere and anywhere and it is the most dangerous thing out there. It’s an infectious disease worse than any virus out there. 2 Timothy 2:22; Do whatever you have to do to stop this plaque of pornography 
Galatians 5:19
So what is the remedy? Jesus was really clear with this sexual corruption. Get away from it, run from it, cut it off, turn it off, remove it from your home, don’t allow it, safe guard your home with whatever it takes. If they told you the virus was right outside your door then you’d tape the widows shut. Does it bother anyone of the amount of women that are raped on a daily basis. Know Jesus told us that we should pluck the eye, cut off the hand if it takes it. This was said in order to show the importance of this sin. If the sexual immorality can make it into the family home it destroys completely.
Proverbs 5:18-21; God made sex and God made it for one man and one woman under the institution of marriage.
Lust will never be rid of but one can deal with it. 1 Cor 9:27; it must be brought under subjection. 1 Peter 2:11; we need to safeguard our lives that would damage our testimonies, ruin our homes, etc. 
Listed below are some sites that will help give suggestions on how to protect your family.