Our Constant Spiritual Duties (Part 1)

August 3 2022
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Colossians 3:1-17

We can’t just take a day off from living in the Spirit. In such a dark world we should be a bright light. Don’t let your light grow dim. We have no excuse to say that our flesh took over and allowed us to sin.

Why is it important?
If you’re a Christian then you have risen with Christ. Have you risen with Christ? Are you saved? You will not get the rest of the message if you’ve not been saved because they are not fleshly duties but Spiritual. Most say can gladly check off the first box yet we often times have a hard time with lusting after things in this world. Your motivation should be that you’ve died out to the things of this world and have been born again in the Spiritual. Don’t let the flesh control your life because you should be dead to it. Everything with Christ is yes and amen. With have every reason to do our Spiritual duty every day. A Christian is saved by Christ, dead to the flesh, and will return to Christ.

Put off, put on, and let some things

Put Off
Colossians 3:5; mortify some things or make it dead. Those things in your flesh that are taking hold of you are trying to control you. It’s a constant working that you will continue to mortify them. The first are lusts of the flesh, sexual. The problem in our culture is sexual and mostly goes against God in every way. We are sexual human beings and Satan knows this and he will try everything he can to cause you to fall.
Fornication, sex outside of marriage, sexual perversions.
Uncleanness, Lewd and unhealthy, pornography.
Inordinate affection, vile desires.
Evil concupiscence, evil sexual lust.
Covetousness, idolatry, the love of the world.
There is a bunch of stuff in our lives that is certainly not sin but we have turned it into a sin. Just a few years ago, who would have ever thought that a phone would be something that we couldn’t do without? Do you spend more time in front of a TV than you do with your bible?
There is a judgment coming that everyone will experience regardless of their salvation. The saved will have their own judgment on what they did and didn’t do for and against God.

Colossians 3:8-9; not only should we kill off the sexual desires, but we should also put off some other sins.
Anger that involves sinning. Anger that you’ve taken to God where you wanted to pinch someone’s head off and requested God do the same? God will turn that around real quick to show you that you’re in the same boat as they are.
Wrath, which is a step above anger. When you put your hands on someone, doing something you can’t take back. Letting your mouth run off.
Malice, the intent of hate, to do evil.
Blasphemy, speaking evil.
Filthy communication, uncontrollable tongue, vulgar mouth. There is no place for filthy language in the mouth of a Christian. You might never say them but you’ve thought of them.
Lying to one another. Our flesh is often times wanting to stretch the truth. How many times do we think after we’ve said something, why did I just say that?

It’s easy to ask for these things to be removed. Simply humble yourself to God and ask Him to remove, put off all of those things that are not of Him. It’s just one big movement so you don’t have to deal with each one individually.