Oh, What the Lord Has Carried For Me

September 11 2022
Series: Misc Sermons
Jesus would come to earth and bear the emotional suffering. On the cross, He was humiliated and mocked. He was then alienated by His father, God. We will not have to bear such grief and sorrow as what Jesus went through. We will never know what it’s like to be Jesus, God’s son, and to be forsaken by God Himself. A sorrow we will never know. He bore the sorrow and grief of every person then and forever more. 
Jesus took the physical torture. After supper, and washing each other feet, he went into a garden and began to pray. He became in great agony due to the emotional suffering to come. He was in such agony that he began to bleed as he sweat. He was punched blindly in the face. They would then take Him to be scourged. A cat of nine tails, a whip with bone and nails tied to nine strips of leather. He would be whipped over and over on His back, on His chest, on His face. The beating would remove flesh, nerves, vessels, and muscles. All awhile He never opened His mouth. A robe would be placed on His torn body and then a crown made of thorns would be forced on his head. Mocking Him and forcing Him to carry His cross through the town. At the top of a hill, they drove nails through both hands and in His feet. They then dropped Him and His cross down into a deep hole while His body ripped open more. While on the cross He was forced to stretch up and support His broken body on a single nail just to breathe and get air. His body slowly dying. 
2 Corinthians 5; Jesus had to bear the Spiritual suffering. No one could see the Spiritual suffering of Jesus. The iniquity of every person was laid upon Jesus Christ. He never sinned, knew no sin yet took all of our sins upon Himself. The reason God turned His back upon His son was that He could see no sin. He became sin for us. It would our fault that Jesus had to die. God so loved the world that He gave His only son for the ultimate sacrifice for all sins.
The day you get saved God gives you something to carry. We are all to pick up our own cross to become His disciples. We have a hunger and thirst for righteousness. Bare your cross with all the joy you can muster up. The weight of the cross is not what it was because Jesus took most of the weight. We are also to bear one another’s burdens, other’s crosses.