Obedience of Joseph

December 20, 2020

Series: Misc Sermons

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Scripture: Matthew 1:18-25

We must be careful about the importance of Joseph. We can’t put light upon anyone but Jesus.

Jesus was conceived NOT thru sin. In order for Him to be a man He had to be born of a human. However, He was born sinless unlike the rest of the world. God chose a man to be His earthy father.

Joseph was a just man, an upright man. The just shall live by faith. Their faith must be real for a just man.

James 2:20-24
Now thinking about Joseph and thinking about when he found out about Mary being pregnant, what an emotional roller coaster he must of went on. One couldn’t help to think that he. Must have felt let down. The woman that he was supposed to be with came up pregnant. However, Joseph didn’t feel these things of anger towards her. He had made up his mind that he couldn’t marry her. He didn’t want to put her on public display but thought about divorce privately. he wasn’t going to put her thru death due to the law. Then something happened in his life.

In your times of trouble and you take the time to seek God, He will always make a way. Joseph stayed calm and trusted unto God. God sent an angel to Joseph and the angel knew his name. The angel told Joseph what he was supposed to do and what was going on. Joseph was to take Mary as his wife like nothing had ever happened. He was to name the unborn baby, Jesus.

Luke 2:1-7, 21-27
Joseph was born in Bethlehem and he was to take his new family back to his home land. Now we know the story that Jesus was to be born not in Nazareth but in Bethlehem. In Bethlehem the baby was born, his name was then given, Jesus. Now, they had to go to Jerusalem because Joseph had to offer sacrifice because a man child was born. Jesus was only a child at this time, 8 years old. He couldn’t do anything for Himself. Yes, He was God incarnate but His parents were responsible for Him. Joseph had to obey God in this matter. Just in this time, the men of the house, the fathers are responder their families and are held accountable for their upbringing.

Matthew 2:13-
The Bible doesn’t tell us but for whatever reason Mary and Joseph stayed in Bethlehem. They didn’t stay in the manger, they went to a house. Then one day they received some visitors, Magi. There is not mention as to how many showed up but we do know that they brought at least three gifts. Then we pick up in Matthew 2:13. Joseph did not know that Jesus was in danger until God told him in another dream. The angel told Joseph to go with his family, flee into Egypt and then not to leave from there until he’s told something different. Joseph immediately awoke, took up his family and left, no questions asked. A 300+ mile journey that they were to take. The Magi had already paid for the trip with the gifts that were brought.

Then another angel came to Joseph to leave Egypt, he left again right away to Israel. Yet in Israel, another angel came to Joseph and to them to flee to Nazareth. He awoke, and took his family that instant.