Not My Will, But Yours

February 28 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Psalm 119:33-40

We need help everyday from God to rescue our minds from unhealthy thoughts. The word of God needs to be in our minds at all times for it’s redeeming nature.
If your flesh has anything to do with it then you would never attend the house of God. It doesn’t want to subject itself to God. The will of man is a great thing. In the beginning God made the human different than the other animals and things as He gave humans the right to choose. Mans will does not save a person but chooses to be saved once invited. We have an opportunity to choose to be faithful to God but we should also want to be with God. We should be willing to give up on ourselves because our will is usually opposite of Gods way. We all have a will but can we all submit it to God?
God can alter ones will if it’s part of His plan. The animals have no choice and yet when they live they are always praising God. We have a choice, ability, gift that nothing else has to praise God. The battle is not just in the mind but in ones will. God will help you with your own will. We see that David asked God to make him make the right choices. Make him go in the right path for God. We need the help of God to know which way is right.
As a train has but only one way to go in advance because the switch has to be made before it gets to the split in the track, we also have a path that was made for us to follow. Unlike the train, we have a choice to take either track but we can also ask God to direct our tracks. 
We should be praying to God that He makes us do what we are to be doing for Him. There are times when we know what we are to do but we just fight against it. This is usually due to the heart not in fellowship with God. A surrendering must be made in the heart to give it all to God. When Jesus was in the garden praying prior to his capture, He prayed to God and told Him that if there was another way to let it happen. However, if it was Gods will to let it be. He prayed this twice and God granted Him the heart to follow thru. Jesus’ flesh didn’t really want to do what was going to be required of Him, however God granted him the want.