Not In This Alone

July 5 2020
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: 1 Peter 5:6-7

A lot will want verse 7 but they forget verse 6. How many of you will humble yourself before God prior to throwing your cares upon Him. Now we can try to tell in words how great God is, it’s just a sliver of what He really is. We read about a God that can do anything, any time, at any way possible.

In biblical times we know that the leaders would torture people just because the masses enjoyed as entertainment. They would place children and babies in arenas and turn lions loose to entertain those watching. Yet we think that we currently have a horrible life.

God has all power yet we must be able to fully grasp Him. We live in a time where people are scared to death of the things that are currently taking place. The truth is that it will get worse before it will get better. If it’s not Covid then it will be something else. People have died way before Covid was around. We should not be concerned about dying but about the after death life. Thru all of our struggles, God can do anything, everything! The problem is due to pride. When you get down in your sorrow and worry, look up to God. If you hold on to the worry and doubt then your pride is telling you that you can fix it or control it. This is a lie. One will never say they are sorry until they are humbled. Now if God wants one humbled then He can do it. But God says that we should humble ourselves, not Him to humble us.

Go often to Calvary. The suffering that Jesus Christ went thru for us is beyond anything anyone has ever gone thru.

When you are able to see Christ then you will be throwing you worries to Him. We won’t give up until all of our cares are upon Him.