Never Give Up

November 3 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: 2 Corinthians 4:1-18

Not a single person knows what the future holds. But regardless of what happens, we should never give up. The scripture calls it fainting. Falling down creates a stumbling block to others and makes their path harder to travel around the fainted.
We are called and have work to do. We as Christian have a ministry, a work to do. God didn’t save you to simply sit on the pew. He pulled you from the darkness of the world and put work in your heart to do for Him. It’s a responsibility that we must do. If you don’t know what it is then you need to be praying a seeking God for what it is.
One of the things that we must do is to resist the things of this world. This will cause conflict with others that do not understand it. We should be lifting up the good and putting the things that are bad down. There is something greater than mine and your thoughts and it doesn’t change just because we want it to. God is the greater force and His mind doesn’t change.
Extremely important for the Christian because if we take our eyes off of God then we will hide the Gospel to others. However, if the Christian is doing their part and living in the path of God and if the people can’t see it, then they are lost, blind. There are those that will sit under the gospel and will bust Hell wide open. This is because their hearts are deaf to God’s word and they can not see it. Many Christians are doing their job of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ but the lost are blind to it.
When we preach we should never talk about ourselves. It’s not about us but about one man, Jesus Christ. It’s about Christ and His glory for our sake. This is the calling for the minister yet they are the servants to the servants.
The message should come from God Himself. He shares His light through the messenger. This is similar to a vessel. A vessel that is empty is of no use. What makes the difference is what the vessel holds. Hundreds of empty cups have no purpose until they are filled with something. There is nothing special with the vessel. Take this and apply it to the messenger. The messenger is the vessel and there is nothing special with them, it’s what the message is that is special.
These men of God suffered great afflictions for God’s sake yet, they never gave up. These mean knew that the ministry they were in would ultimately end in a horrible death. Yet, they kept going.
For us, we certainly get depressed and down. 
Faith helps and gives us the strength to hold our heads up. When the trials come and it feels like we are sinking faith comes on the scene. It lifts us up and gives us the strength the carry on. Faith is given by God Himself. “I believe, and therefore have I spoken.” The word of God will never fail you. 
When it comes to the end and death finds you, those that believe in Jesus Christ will never die. They will live forever with God in Heaven. At the time of the Apostle’s deaths, they didn’t give up. They didn’t get in the middle of their beatings or hangings and decide to just stop or give up.
There is a purpose for what we do. Are you grasping the love that he had for these people? He would go into the places knowing that it wasn’t going to end well for him. 
Regardless of what happens on the outside, the inside is renewed every day. If you think it’s a bad day, just wait till tomorrow because it’s a new day. The outward man dies daily yet the inward man grows in the opposite direction and renews itself by God.
A lot of people have a 401K. An example with it is if you put $10 in it will build on its own, it’ll work for you. In our Christian life and we do our ministry we will go through hard times. But, each time we work it builds up glories in Heaven.
Keep your eyes on the prize. Stop looking at the rocks that just hit you. Stop thinking about the battles you’re going through and put your faith in Christ alone. These things e go through right now are just temporary and the best is yet to come. Keep your eyes on the things you can’t see. As long as you focus on the things you can’t fix you keep going down. 
No one knows what the future holds but a Christian knows who holds the future.