My Shepherd

December 1 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Psalm 23:1-6

If you’ve been born again then you have a shepherd. You have a personal shepherd. He didn’t save you to let you run free but to keep you. If you try to run off He’ll pull you back into the flock. Our flesh doesn’t like to be told what to do especially by God. Our flesh likes to tell us that we’ve gone too far but through humility and repentance God is faithful to restore what you’ve messed up. A lot of times He doesn’t require you to pray because He sees your heart and already knows once you become humble.

There is nothing in the shadow that can hurt you. Think about your life as a child, laying in bed seeing a coat laid across the back of a chair in the dark. You see the shadow and your mind becomes to make you scared that it might be somebody or something. All you have to do is turn a light on and the shadow flees and your mind is at ease. We are our own worse enemy. We put ourselves in the wrong places. We come in from work and become lazy and flip the TV on. The choice could be to study and read your bible or to become swallowed up by empty entertainment. 

To the world, a Christian is a rare breed of people. They don’t understand why we go to church, attend Sunday School, or even pray. People want to argue with Christians over what they believe and it becomes a struggle. Yet, God sets a table before us and we are free to pull up a chair and eat with Him. No matter how mad it makes the devil He can never take what God gave you, salvation. It’s good to be able to eat in front of Satan and to know all he can do is watch you eat from God’s table. He can’t touch you.

Goodness and mercy follow the saved all the days, every day of their lives. The save dwell in God’s house forever, not just a few days a week. All we have to do is call on Him and He’s there. He never leaves or wonders off. He’s never too busy for the smallest things in our lives.