Make Me!

February 3 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Psalm 119:25-27

The enemy likes to tell us that we are all unique in a bad way, negative. We are all the same, equal in how we are. We all suffer and yet we all are loved.
In these versus we see that David struggled. David was so broken, struggling like his soul was just wallowing in the dust. At the lowest point that he could be in and yet he confesses it unto God. When one finds themselves in these lowest, broken form then we are about to receive help from above. God responds to the broken hearted and the contrite spirit. 
How many are sitting in a nursing home not able to do for themselves? How many have lost a child and feel like there own life can’t go on? Regardless of the danger around us once the shepherd comes on the scene the danger must flee.
Have you ever been resurrected by God by His word? In your lowest form and when you’ve called on God, His resurrecting power is quick to come on the scene. David has no idea what is going to happen. Spiritually he was at the end of his rope. Yet, he confesses to God his concerns and his state of disparity. David believed that Gods word was effective. He knows this because of his faith in God. 
Right now you might be feeling pretty comfortable. Your heat or air might be running. Your belly could be full. Your seat cushioned and comfortable. You realize that once you get comfortable and in the sunshine you’ll quickly fall asleep? Put a person in a fire and make them uncomfortable and they’ll stay awake. We need to be spiritually honest with ourselves. God already knows where we are spiritually and those around us are not going to answer for our spiritual walk.
David recognized that there was a process that he needed to go thru. He knew that you can’t just flip a switch and now he’s holy. Now most don’t want the gospel because it’s not comfortable. Jesus plainly said that we are to pick up our own cross and bare to follow Him. No where does the scripture ever say that once you’re saved you’d be rich and well feed. In verse 26 we see he repented. We have the hardest time with this and refuse to repent before God. This is because we haven’t got to the place where we are desperate for God.
The one thing that God despises and that’s spiritual pride. People walk around and think they know what the Bible says and yet they never open their bible to read the first page. When someone goes to school they give them a text book. They teach from it but they also monitored what is being taught. They then will at some point give a test on what was taught from the text book. Christians walk around pretending they read from their text book, their bible, and then cry, pout, and get angry when they fail the test when it’s given. Spiritual pride.
If you ask God to make you do something do you think He is able to do it? We should be repenting before God our failures and asking God to teach us and make us do what is right according to His word.