Made Under the Law

December 26 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Luke 2:21-33

From the womb, Jesus was made under the law. Joseph and Mary knew what they were expected to do and that was to obey God. No one told them what to do, they made a choice to simply obey God. They could have made up any excuse to do something else but they followed God. We all have a choice to make to live right or not.

Mary by just giving birth to a male child was considered to be unclean and she was to be separated for 7 days. This was the purification process for the new mother. According to the law, they couldn’t circumcise the male until 8 days and also couldn’t name them. For a female child, it was 14 days after birth. Luke 1:59-60 also shows us that on the 8th day John was named and also circumcised under the law.

There are two stages of a woman’s purification after childbirth. The first stage is the 7 days for a male, 14 for a female. Afterward another 33 days until they were able to the priest for sacrifice, 66 for a female. At six weeks old Simeon the priest saw Jesus as Mary and Joseph brought Him in for sacrifice. They also brought 2 turtle doves for sacrifice. The dove or pigeon was for the poor and the rich should bring a lamb. The 2 doves were for sin and for thanks. The price is the same for sin offering yet for thanks it would be different for the rich or poor. Now Jesus was sinless but it wasn’t for Jesus but that Mary and Joseph followed the law.

Galatians 4:4-5; Galatians 3:23-25
Jesus Christ was made under the law to redeem those that are also born under the law. The law is that we are to die because it’s the law of sin. Jesus Christ was the perfect sacrifice because He never sinned and He was perfectly kept and therefore was the ultimate sacrifice for the sins of the world.