Love the Brethren

June 6 2020
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: 1 John 4:11-21

We see the things that are taking place in our country today where we know that people do know this scripture or obey it. In Genesis 6, the world was full of evil and God did not like what it had become. He found one man, Noah that still had the love of God in his heart. In this day and time we know that there are more than one that still love God but the world is quickly turning to evil ways.

In some places there is hate that is preached from the pulpit. These preachers do not follow God’s world when hate is preached. God did not put a color or nationality over another. He said ALL we should love. There are no stipulations when it comes to love, I’ll love them if they love me. God did not do this and talked against it. He loved ALL of us before we loved Him.

Many of times we will hold grudges against those that hurt us. The very men that beat Jesus, yelled out to crucify Him, they mocked Him, spit on Him, and yet He STILL loved them. He yelled out on the cross and asked His father to forgive them because they didn’t know what they were doing. The thieves on either side of the His cross even mocked Him. But one of them seen something in Jesus and asked Him to remember Him and stood up for Him. It was love that caused Jesus to leave Heaven and walk on earth, suffer and yet give His life as an ultimate sacrifice for ALL.

Is your life based on what something someone has done for you? Do you fear someone to the point that you don’t love them? If you can’t love your brother that you can see, how can you love God whom you’ve not seen? Christ died for ALL. When Jesus prayed in the garden He didn’t segregate anyone. Judgement starts at the house of the Lord, the church house. We can talk about love within the house but we can’t take it outside the walls.