April 4 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

Life After Death

Bible Passage: 1 Corinthians 15:54-58

Life that we experience down here is but a vapor, very short lived. Life at best is fleeting. Death has no respect of persons. Death all started in the beginning. Adam and Eve and their sin began death. They disobeyed God and ate of the tree. Cain and Able also proved the consequences of sin is death. Funeral homes are all around us and they never stop doing what they do. Each and every person will soon experience the end of ones life. We all have a birth date and we all will have a death date. The truth that no one can deny is that death will surely find you. Romans 6:23 Due to the fact that death is in every person, sin dwells in each person. Death should not be feared but what comes afterwards. Hebrews 9:27; there is something beyond death because death is not the end all.
After Death
There are two types of people. One is saved, the other is lost. 
Those that died before Christ and believed went to a place called Paradise. They were in a holding place. The others that died and did not believe immediately went to a place called Hell. Knowing the truth is not what saves a soul. Stating you know Jesus or God does not save a person.
Before Christ died you either went to Paradise or Hell when you died. Then Christ came and died for our sins making His death the ultimate sacrifice for all sins. When Christ died he went to the heart of the Earth and preached to those in Paradise. Jesus emptied Paradise that day because He had fulfilled Gods Promise. Those that left Paradise went directly to God in Heaven. Those that were in Hell are still there and will stay there burning forever, eternally. God warned in the very beginning that sin was cursed and He would have no part of it.
The Sting of Death
The sting of death is very venomous because it’s the sin. We’ve all sinned and one sin is just as bad as a hundred. We have and know the 10 Commandments which there are only 10 laws. However, how many times have you broken just one of them? God is the ultimate judge and it doesn’t matter what a man might say about your sins.
Christs Payment
If you’ve been born again then you have no sins. Death does not have a sting for the believer. Jesus removed the sting (sin) of death when He saved you. However, the lost has the greatest sting of all. Those that refuse Christ, not saved have a great sting at death. Their sins are still there and are punishable by the great Judge, God.
Jesus is the victor over death which gives those that are saved victory over death too. This that are lost have no victory and will feel the sting of death and live their lives forever in Hell. There is no second chances when death finds you. You either have Jesus Christ as your savior or you don’t. It’s a Yes or No answer, are you saved, born again?