June 13 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

Let Loose Of The World

Bible Passage: James 1:1-17; 4:5-7

Many times people will hold up the ten commandments and use them as proof of living right. People haven’t changed over time, they are all sinful. This reading is about works. Many people when it comes to work they are afraid of doing something. One can’t pick and choose what to do in the word of God.

Don’t hide your light, do not be afraid to share Jesus. When Jesus was living amongst us He spoke with authority, not because He was bossy but because He knew what He was talking about. He was sure of Himself and what He knew.

Every good gift and every perfect gift comes from God. Your home is not a gift from God, neither is your vehicle. Your pool, healthy family is not a gift from God. God does not look at things like we do. We look at death like something horrible. God is here and has been here since before time started. How do we know that those things are not from God, they are not perfect. We are all tempted and it is never from God.

Job was a man that was righteous and he was this way because God protected him. God gave you your life and what you will be measured with is what you did with it. This is not property or belongings. Often our belonging is something we prioritize over God. Samson and Jonah both made their choice and God already knew what they were about to do. Jesus Himself told His very own disciples, how many times do I have to tell you this. It’s not about what you’ve got whether it’s Jesus or property.

We spend a lot of time on things that do not make a difference in anything. Right now we see a lot of teaching and preaching on prosperity. Consider Jesus. he had nothing not even a place to lay His head. He owned nothing.

Reprove and rebuking are things we are pretty good at doing. We create cultures, we tell our kids that they need to get a job and work for a living. One can make working and making a living a regular job. Don’t do this or make this your first choice. What you need to do is to make yourself an altar and pray for God to tell you what YOU need to do. Don’t follow up after your parents and their “jobs”. Moses did NOT part the sea, God did. God told Moses to stand still and watch Him work. We fail to see that it wasn’t Moses that did it but God. It’s not about the man but God.

If you’ve ever wondered why the devil is always on your back it’s usually because you are not resisting him. Have there not been times when you get down to pray and get back up the same as you went down? We should never be that way and should be more like praying to God like we wanted that next breath.

God despises a victim. God gave you the sense to stop whining and complaining, playing the victim. It’s said but it usually takes us losing a lot of stuff before we realize we need God. It shouldn’t take us to get that low.

It’s not enough to just attend church. One should have a personal experience with Christ because it’s not just about going to church. It makes no difference what a person has or doesn’t have, what they wear or don’t wear, or what they look like.

A lot of people are being lied to. They are being taught a false doctrine that is not biblical. There is a need today to be aware of what is being preached and taught from the pulpit. People only want to hear the good stuff and have itchy ears to hear it. They want a pat on the back and want something that will better them in the present time. Be aware of what is being taught.