Laborer Unto God

May 14, 2023

Series: Misc Sermons

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Scripture: Luke 10:1-2

We live in a time when there is a church on every corner. When you ask a person if they are a Christian they will answer yes. Some churches are all about the money, the numbers, and bragging rights.

Elijah asked God for it not to rain. He was ready to battle for God. Take notice of this. We ought not to be concerned about what the world wants us to feel. Stand for God, stand strong! Even back in biblical times, the laborers were few. In today’s time, it seems worse because everyone claims it yet no one stands. Elisha got afraid at one point yet God was on his side. Just the same in our lives, if we stand for God we might get afraid but God is right there with us.

Genesis 6:8; Noah and the ark. The ark wasn’t built in a day. 120 years Noah worked on the ark. All the while he told the people, he warned them of the destruction that was coming. The instructions were from God. He didn’t order an ark kit that had instructions with it. He obeyed God and did it exactly as God told him.

How long have you prayed for something in particular and it hasn’t been answered yet? Have you thought maybe you haven’t been as sincere as you should be to God? The labor is great at times, it’s not going to be easy all the time. Obedience is often hard. When God tells you to do something, do it. When He tells you to move, move. When He tells you to stand, stand. When He tells you to speak, speak. When He tells you to shut up, shut up. If you care for those people in your life like you say you do then why are you not wearing out your knees at an altar for their souls?

Acts 13:21-22; David labored for God even the big hard things. 40 days Goliath raised his voice against them. David stood up and volunteered in God’s name, and it took a small stone to kill this giant. He didn’t just say it, he did it.

Jeremiah 1:4-5; Did you know that Jeremiah sat down on God? He thought the battle got too hard for God. How many times have you tried to quit on God? We should be laboring for our loved ones just as Jesus labored for us.

Daniel 6:4; can/will you be found faithful? If they tell you that you can’t pray anymore will you stand and pray regardless? Daniel labored and then labored more once he was told to stop praying. Do you just stop praying, and laboring when the opposition comes your way? What gets in the way of God? Maybe you’re tired? Well you’ve worked all day, you must be tired. How many times has the devil come in and asked you during a church service when the last time was that you ate? Just trying to get your mind off of God!

Matthew 11:11; it cost him his life when he stood up against the sin. A sinner doesn’t like to be told they are a sinner. A lost person doesn’t want someone to point out the faults. It’s uncomfortable. A lost person thinks that they need those sinful things because they think it brings them joy. That joy is so short-lived. Being saved means that when you are having the best time, you don’t wake up with a hangover the next day. Once saved you’ll look back and see those things you once thought were great were actually a nightmare.

John 4:35-36; you do what God is bidding you to do and God will bless in that.