Kept by the Keeper

September 12 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Psalm 121:1-8

From the scripture we see Abraham climbing a mountain with his son. God had told him to take his son up this mountain and to sacrifice him. All the while, God was walking a ram up the other side of the mountain for this great sacrifice. A great helper in the time of Abraham’s need!

As Christian, we have a great help whenever we call on Him. No matter what the world does to us the Lord is always our help. The world will not and can not help us.

Have you ever been scared you’ll slip off the rock? God knows them that are His. Knowing the voice of the Lord is the greatest victory we have. The shepherd will not leave you all alone. The shepherd will leave the 99 safe in the fold to go out to find the one that’s scared and alone.

God does not sleep or nap. He is always listening. He is always there. He has never lost one of His. We not only have a helper but a keeper. He has never taken His eyes off of His. When it comes to taking care of sheep they say they are keeping the sheep. This keeping means that they protect them. It’s a fearful thing to know that no one protects you. A good keeper will move His protection around to the better ground. He will remove things from their lives to keep them strong in order to keep them growing. We do not need what is across the fence even though it might look better than what we currently have.

When one cans items to eat later we are keeping them. When we can things that are sweet we often call them preserves. One thing is common in canning and that is the pop of the lid. When that pop sounds off it’s an indicator that the jar is sealed. When God seals you till the day of redemption then you can say you are kept till He brings you home. God has no expiration date on His preserving. One can have bad lids and no matter how cooked you are you’ll never seal.

What did He preserve?
The soul is what he preserved. Your home could be on fire. Your vehicles might not be there when you go back to it. These worldly things are not to be concerned about. If you’ve never been saved then you lack the one thing that you can’t protect. Your soul is the only thing that you should be concerned about and God can preserve it forever. Once you are saved your soul is preserved coming and going.