Keep On and Stand Strong!

May 21 2022
Series: Revival

Bible Passage: 1 Corinthians 15:51-58

Covid, the current administration, what our children go thru in the school system, none of these things have caught God off-guard. It’s easy in this day and time to get down in the dumps but rest assured that if you’re saved you’ve got someone that can help. We Christians will get down at times and the devil will come to beat you down even further. However, there is great news! We have the victory so don’t let the devil get you down! Sure it’s bad and getting worse but we can look in the word of God and already know it’ll get worse.

Sure we know the school system is trying to corrupt our children. There are workplaces that are trying to do the same thing bringing in ungodly truth. This doesn’t surprise God at all in fact, if you’ve been saved and in one of these environments then He’s placed an insider in that place. There is a battle between good and evil and we know who will win this battle. If you’re not on God’s side then you’re on the Devil’s and you will lose. God has defeated the Devil but, we still have battles.

There will be a day that you will get an opportunity you can lead someone to Jesus. Keep on praying for them and stand strong! It may feel like you’re losing but just stand strong and keep praying. There are times that it might feel like the weight of the world is all on top of you. Just hold on and keep on with God cause there’s a palace in your future. Keep preaching the Word, be instant in and out of season.

It’s normal for a Christian to get down into the dumps but, they shouldn’t stay down. So what does a Christian do to get lifted back up? Pick up the Word of God and draw close to God.