Keep It!

January 29 2023
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Genesis 14:17-24

We live in a society where people think they need more in order to be happy. They work hard to gather up things all the while at death they can’t take any of it with them. Parents are more likely to hand over their child to a stranger just to live their life the way they’d want to. Credit cards maxed out just to get the things of this world. If you’re working because of work to get things down here then you’ve missed it.

There are things in this world that we don’t need. God is there and will always be there. The riches of this world will pull you down into the pits of Hell. There is one thing to be reasonable about your future. God owns the cattle of a thousand hills. The birds don’t have to worry about their food because it’s provided by God. If He cares for the bird, then He surely cares for you. 

God has never failed. If you think you just need a little more this is the flesh and the lust of it. Jesus is all one needs. Even if you wake up tomorrow and don’t have a dime to your name, you still have Jesus if you’ve been saved. The world will promise you the moon but it will bring great misery. 

Many churches are in the entertainment business anymore. They sprinkle just a little bit of the Bible in their messages but in the end, they’ve missed the mark. Repent and be saved is what the Bible says. People don’t want to hear about repentance so these entertainment churches don’t preach it.

Go to any convenience store and it’s no longer convenient when you have to stand in a line waiting for some person to spend their last dollar on a lottery ticket. A Christian has already won the greatest lottery one could ever dream about. God is able to do anything to keep His children taken care of. Do you realize He could use a lost person to drop a load of groceries off on your doorstep? He has all control and can do all things.

God says to be content with your wage. If your place of work wants to give you a raise then praise the one that truly gave it and can take it away. God is the one that provided, not your employer. Are you willing to tell the world to just keep it?

We know the story of David and Goliath. David knew that it wasn’t his battle but God’s. In order to have the assistance of this world government they tell you that you must do as they’ve ordered. Saul told David he must put on his armor in order to win it. David did try it on because it made sense. How many product commercials do you see or hear now that produce fear in order to purchase their product? The Bible says to try the spirits to make sure which is right and wrong. David tried it all on and realized he couldn’t change who he was, he hadn’t proved it all. He went down and grabbed 5 smooth stones for the battle he was about to face. He had proven his sling and knew his God and what He was capable of.

Tell the world to keep it! Jesus stated that everything that God His father had given Him He had lost none. There is no other protector better than Jesus. The world says you need more power. The problem with giving more power is that it corrupts the human soul. We’ve seen it over and over where people have obtained more power only to be removed from this world empty-handed.

Daniel 5; read it. We see a prideful king taken down because of his pride. The king saw the writing on the wall by God and needed Daniel to explain it. They had to hunt for Daniel because Daniel wasn’t a part of the king’s life. The king tried to persuade Daniel and offered him a lot of stuff but Daniel didn’t want any of it.

Hebrews 13:5; God is telling us to be content. 

Philippians 4:11; Be content.

1 Timothy 6:8; Be content.