April 11 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

It's Time

Bible Passage: Romans 13:10-14

Back in 1998 a prominent figure in Tennessee football made his announcement that he was retiring. In the beginning of John Ward’s retirement speech he stated, “It’s Time”. In the scripture we read that “it is high time”.
Jesus when he was going to pray in the garden he told the few disciples that He was going to go pray and He wanted them to wait and watch. He didn’t plea for them to pray for Him. He just wanted them to stay and watch with Him. They would be able to hear all three of the prayers that He was going to pray. His prayers were in agony and He dreaded knowing what He was about to endure. When He finished His first prayer He went back to His friends, the disciples that He told to stay and watch. Why did He go back to them? To see if they were doing what He had asked them to do. However, they were asleep. Now when you’re asleep you  don’t know that you are. Sleep is something that is natural and our bodies tell us to sleep when it needs it. It’s of no surprise that these men fell asleep because that’s what the flesh wants. Maybe it was because it was the time of day, the darkness that caused them to want to sleep. If it’s true lay darkness what else does the body have to do. The eyes can’t see so why stay open? There are those that live in darkness and are asleep.
The first time He only wanted them to stay and watch. When He returned He woke them and asked them, could you not just watch for just one hour? Every excuse in the world we give to just take a nap. Not just fleshly but spiritually. It’s the snare of the enemy to make us think there is nothing to fear for spiritually. We lay our guard down and sleep while the enemy is in full war in a battle we can not see with our eyes. Jesus gave them a second chance and told them once again to wake up and watch. How many times has God woke you up and gave you a second chance? Just look around in today’s time and you can see that today is the day that we need to wake up.
At the burial of a military veteran they usually honor them with the playing of Taps. This song is played at the end of each day to signify that the labor is done for the day. Some may think that the time of spiritual work is done but the trumpet has not played yet. We are not done yet until the horn blows.
The second time Jesus came to them while they slept He told to them to then watch and pray. He warned them that the enemy is great and they were to be aware. When one sleeps you’re not thinking about anything. 
There are times in your life when the thought comes across that you don’t have time. What could be more important than God? How many times to you put something in front of  The people of God? How many times to you put something in front of your church worship attendance? How many times to you put something in front of the Word of God? How many times to you put something in front of God? In the end there will be things that will be important but there will also be things that will be of no worth at all.
The enemy tells us all that there is nothing wrong, no need to be in battle/prayer. The enemy spreads his lies to take your ease, it’s fine. You know the time that you’re in and yet you’re asleep. What does it take to wake you up? Maybe it’s the sun, possibly an alarm clock is required. When these things wake you up, you then know that you have things to do.
The third time He went back and He found them once again, asleep. Then the fourth time He went back and they still slept and He told them to simply, sleep on. The time that was so critical the opportunity to learn was missed. The final time He woke them up and told them it was time. Peter didn’t run but yet he was still asleep spiritually. He told Jesus he would leave Him yet just a few hours later he ran away from Jesus.
The pastor can’t wake you up. There will have to be some type of alarm to wake you. We don’t know what kind of alarm you’re waiting on. The cheer-leading of the pastor of someone can not lead you right into Heaven. We all should have a type of fear of God because He holds our very breath. If you live against Him, He will surely punish you. If you live for Him, He will surely reward you. Don’t lay down and sleep while the entire world falls apart. What alarm will it require for you to wake up?