It’s Time We Took a Stand at the Cross

April 12 2020
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: John 19:38-42

There are people today that are desperate of Hope. But then there are those that are still trying to figure out who God is. Now is the time that we as Christians need to step out as followers of Christ. We should be taking a stand at the cross. There will come a day that you WILL have to take a stand for Christ.

The one verse that we see often and mostly everywhere, John 3:16. Jesus was talking to Nicodemus when this verse was penned. Then there was the time of the Passover in John 3 when he wanted to have a secret meeting with Jesus. Nicodemus knew what he had heard about Jesus, to which Jesus told him without any confusion. Jesus explained to him the plan of salvation, being born again. Then in John 3:14 Jesus told Nicodemus that He must be lifted up.

Then in John 7 we see that Nicodemus speaking up and taking sides of Jesus. This was a year later and we see that Nicodemus was defending Jesus and yet was not a believer.

In John 8 is the story of the adulterous woman and the trying of Moses law against Jesus. Jesus then turned it around on the Pharisees and showed them in their own way of their own sins. Jesus then saved the woman at the well and told them that when they see the son of man lifted up, then they would know He was the son of man.

Now we see in Palm Sunday, the time when Jesus road the donkey into Jerusalem where Nicodemus also lived. This is when Jesus told them that if they didn’t worship then the rocks would. In todays time we often hear that there are many way to Jesus however there is but only one way.

Nicodemus followed Jesus thru His entire ministry and yet he wasn’t born again. Jesus on several occasion told many that He be lifted up then they would know He was the son of God. We see in Pilates court that the Pharisees demand Jesus be put to death. At the cross we see Jesus mother, Mary and John. Then Jesus died on that cross, God then hid the sun, the earth began to shake violently. A soldier then proclaimed that Jesus was the son of God. This soldier took a stand at the cross. A man begged for His body and wanted to give Jesus a proper burial. He was granted this event and Joseph went to take Christs body from the cross and yet there were two men already at the cross, one being Nicodemus. He sacrificed at the cross by bring a thousand pounds of ointments for the preparation of Christs burial.

Many of people knew nothing up until Jesus was lifted up upon that cross and He was dead. Once Christ was dead their eyes and hearts were opened. These men made a decision to follow Christ even after death and they stepped up to the cross. These men would forever be marked as Christians.

Where are you in your walk? Many of folks claim to go to church or know God or Jesus.

John 20:1
Mary came to the tomb and she seen that the stone was rolled away. His grave clothes in a pile and the napkin that covered His face was neatly folded and placed where He laid. Mary then was very upset that her master had been stolen. A “man” in the garden asked her who she was looking for. Once this “man” said her name she knew who he was, Jesus.

Take a stand at the cross and celebrate our risen savior.