It’s Time

June 5 2022
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Romans 13:11-14

In 1998 Tennessee won the national championship in football. John Ward in his press conference stated, “it’s time”. The moment has come. Will you do business with God? Now is the time when all that is promised to everyone. There may not be another second or day, therefore now is the time. It’s time to stop wavering between whom you will serve.
It’s time…
  • …to consider
    • People will refuse to think about eternity. They refuse to think that death is sure. There is no doctor in this world that can keep you alive. Think about the death of humans. 1 out of every 1 dies. Be reasonable there is no one that you know apart from Jesus, that will not die. It doesn’t matter to death whether you’re young or old, a family or orphaned, rich or poor, sick or healthy. Death has been concurred. Jesus died, concurred death, and raised Himself from death. The only way to leave this world alive is through Jesus Christ. One way and no other. If you’ve been saved then you were dead in your sins and trespasses before salvation. Who can you call on when your heart is about to beat for the last time? How do you know when you will have more time? We are not promised tomorrow. Jesus is the only way, hope, plea, and opportunity.
  • …to do
    • There are many people in Hell right now who thought about getting saved yet they never did it. You’ve got to stop procrastinating and do it. You know it when you’re lost. It’s time to DO business with God. When you get into Hell you will NOT point a finger at God. It will not be His fault you’ve ended up in Hell. It’s your choice whether you’ll accept His invitation to salvation. One can stand and be offered something all day long but, until you accept it you will never have it. So what do you need to do? Come. There’s nothing more to it other than coming to the living water. It’s simple. Your soul is longing to live.
  • …for Jesus
    • It’s time to accept Jesus.