It’s Now or Never

December 12 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Mark 10:46-52

A statement of faith is all well and good but getting saved is a lot more than a statement. When God comes on the scene in your soul and convicts you of your sins, once He tells you you’re lost, a great fear will fall on you.

In this reading, we see a man named Bartimaeus and he was a blind man. The one thing we do not know is if Jesus ever walked this same path again. We only know of this one time of Jesus and Bartimaeus crossing paths. This was Bartimaeus’ only opportunity to be healed. We do not know if he knew that Jesus was going to be coming by him that day. What we do know is that when Jesus did come by someone told him that He was passing by. Bartimaeus knew that Jesus was his only hope. People that are truly saved know that through great desperation they need Jesus. Many people let Jesus just walk right by in their lives and refuse Jesus.

In another reading, we know of a woman that had spent everything trying to be whole and healed of her great ailment. She heard of Jesus coming through and she knew that this was her last opportunity. Just as her, are you sick enough, desperate enough to give Jesus a chance? The only way to escape the penalty of Hell is to be saved, born again. Her faith was just to get to Jesus and to just touch His garment. She pressed herself through the crowd that had gathered and her finger just grazed His garment. Jesus knew right away when she touched Him and He stopped in this large crowd. He knew that someone got what they needed by simply touching the threads of His robe. He knows.

When a lost person comes to church they witness things that are foreign to them. People crying and laughing at the same time. People getting happy, singing, and shouting. Just as Bartimaeus was, the lost are blind but they know something is going on around them. Bartimaeus yelled out towards the crowd for Jesus to have mercy on him. When the lost’s hearts are convicted they should shout out to Jesus to have mercy on them to be saved. When you get lost you NEED the one that can save you from your lost condition. The lost makes it more than what it is to be saved. They make it hard and it’s as easy as believing. Jesus just wanted to know, what Bartimaeus needed of Him. He just wanted to see.

Are you at the place where you need to be saved? You must be lost to be saved. Has God convicted you right now that if you die you will miss Heaven? Just because you’re healthy has no bearing on Heaven or Hell. They bury healthy people all day long. When death calls your number, healthy or not you’ll die. Cry out to Jesus.