It’s Life Or Death

December 6 2020
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Romans 6:1-7; 12-23

If you think that you can live anyway that you want to live, then your relationship with God is off. Being born again means you are no longer your own. You die out to sin and become a new creature in Christ Jesus. Some go about and live as if just because they’ve not been saved. Some think or feel that if they’ve experienced something at sometime then they’ve been saved. Just because you’ve experienced something or repeated something or even prayed, doesn’t mean you’ve been saved. A change must take place but before this, Jesus must invite you to be born again. You will not be saved just because you want to be without the drawing of Jesus Christ. So whomever you live for, that is in fact your master.
The unbelievers of this world want you to believe as they do and that is once you die, you just go back to the earth and disappear. Yes, your body will go back to the earth but your soul will live forever in one of two places. Each person in this world is born of the flesh. God said that before anyone else knew you, He knew you. Making flesh is not anything to God as He created Adam from spit and mud and then turned around and created Eve from a rib of Adam. Having an abortion is killing a person that God knows even though you wish not to.
One can not love two masters. You will love one and hate the other, plain and simple. If you are living in sin and yet born again and have not repentance of the sin, God will take control. You are either lost or saved. If you’ve been born again and living as a lost person, you will answer for all of those that you led astray. If you’re lost then you can’t live as a saved person because you can’t keep yourself. Once death finds you lost you will live forever in the pits of Hell. You will want to die but you will never die of find relief.
When God opens your eyes and either shows you your sins or that you’re lost, you better call on Jesus. The church can’t save you. The preacher can’t save you. Not a single member of your family is able to save you. Only Jesus Christ Himself is able to save, call out to Him when He knocks on your hearts door.