It’s In His Word

October 13 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Luke 3:2-6

No one can get to Heaven without God. The evilest persons are the ones that think they are good enough for God and should be given Heaven. The flesh is evil and if it’s allowed to rule in your life it will get the best of you. If you’ve been Born Again then you should have a soul as we read in Luke 3:5.

The word of God will keep you on the right path and will keep you obedient. John was raised as a Christian because his parents were believers and we know that John lept in his mothers whom when he knew Jesus was to be born. However, it wasn’t until John went into the wilderness and heard from God that he became something great with God.

One should live their life through God’s Word. God’s people will go through it, they will make it onto the other side. We have no time to wait on what happens, we are just to do it. The worst thing a Christian could do is lay down and give up. So your church gained 1500 people, all that’s happened is that 1500 people didn’t like one church so they left it to attend yours. A lot of times people leave one church to go to another because they don’t like what they have been told to do. A lot of Christians are lazy and refuse to work for Christ their savior.

We don’t know where your “wilderness” is for you. Some need a good quiet place. Others a closet to bow in to seek God’s Word. Wherever your “wilderness” is, seek after God’s Word. Men and women have no backbone anymore. They will teeter on the fence for just about anything. People think that just because you attend a church you’re doing alright and headed to Heaven.