It Takes A Tree

February 27 2022
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Exodus 15:22-27

Thinking of our own flesh nature, we complain all the time. We oftentimes complain about the weather when we think we know what we need. The world will look like the answer for the things that we think we need but it’s not. These people had walked for 3 days and not one time thought about water. It wasn’t until they came to a corrupted pool of water that they remembered that they needed it. Have you ever been upset about how things were going in your life and thought they should be going better? The children of Israel began to get upset because they couldn’t drink this water. We oftentimes get upset because we think we need something that has no substance. The children of Israel actually wanted something they needed to survive, water.
The answer is Jesus.
When they began to murmur against Moses he took it to the one that could do something about it. He prayed to God about what was going on and God showed him a tree. This tree could be cut down and thrown into the Poole of water and it healed the water and made it drinkable. We also have a tree of healing. God was pointing to the foreshadowing of what was yet to come. Jesus Christ is the answer to every problem we have. You might be looking and trying to figure out the answer. We oftentimes do this because we think we either have to figure it out on our own or think we know more than God.
They took Jesus and they scourged Him, beating Him beyond any recognition. They tied him to a whipping post, a tree while they did this. Then they brought to Him another tree. He carried this beam through the town to the top of the mountain. Once at the top He laid His broken body down on yet another tree. They then nailed Him to this tree and lifted Him up for everyone to see. Christ did this for you. People will get to the edge of the bitter water and yet they refuse to get the tree to make the water drinkable. Christ hung on this tree until about the 6th hour and then He proclaimed that “it is finished.” He proclaimed this because He fulfilled His duty and made a way of salvation using His body as a sacrifice. 
You don’t need to just know about Jesus but to receive Him. Some will see and hear but they will not accept and receive. The child had to be shown the tree first, then they had to use the tree. After this, they found 12 wells of water. What they didn’t know was that their greatest desire was just over the next hill.
All one has to do is tell them about death, burial, and resurrection. If anyone can simply believe these then they can be saved.