Is There Hypocrisy In His House?

October 9 2022
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: 1 Samuel 2:12-25

A solid biblical truth is for parents to give their children to God. Let God work in them in such a way that they find salvation. The best place for your children is in the middle of a church. One can’t get a child in front of God enough. Bring them no matter what.

Is there hypocrisy in His house? If you think for one minute that people don’t know that if you live one way but claim another that they can’t see it, you’re wrong. They can clearly see this. Some will look to God Himself and tell Him they are doing alright. They will tell others they know God yet they have no clue. There are some men and women that claim they’ve been called by God to do His will and to bring the word. These people that have never been born again steal from people every day and bring the false teaching of the devil. Think of all the people that might be saved that give to these so-called preachers thinking they are doing good. This kind of hypocrisy happens every day. We live in a world that will pat you on the back and stab you in the chest at the same time. The world is full of hypocrites claiming to be Christian and yet have never been born again.

We should be praying for our people, the children. Our government from the top to the bottom is corrupt. Now we know that there are people that work in these fields that have been born again. We also know that if and when they stand up for their faith they would be persecuted for their belief. Christians should be living as pure as they possibly can just as Jesus & God has said. If you’re a parent you have the responsibility to raise your children as a Godly people. God will judge your parenting.

How does God deal with hypocrisy? In the Bible, we read of several people when God dealt with their hypocrisy. Their lives were required and required quickly. Hypocrisy is a dangerous thing to play around with. God is not to be mocked. God is not your spare tire. He is not to be played with.

You say you’re a Christian. Do you speak like one? Do you dress like one? Do you act like one? God’s not fooled by hypocrisy, does He approve of your actions?