Is There A Doctor In The House?

June 6 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

Jeremiah was greaved in his heart because of the condition of his people, the Christians. They were living in a time of great evil and the people that should be Christians were living as they were lost. He asked the question, is the Lord not here anymore?

The Christian believer no matter where they are is of one body. Just as in the flesh if one part of the body hurts, it hurts the whole body. If one smashes their finger with a hammer, the rest of the body does what it needs to do to show it’s in pain. The body does this automatically without having to tell it to do so. Just as the flesh, the spiritual is just the same when it hurts. If one of the Christians hurts, the rest of the body hurts as well. If you do not hurt for your loved ones, the saved, then you need to check yourself for your spiritual awakening.

We have people that live around and know better but they continue to live in sin. There is a penalty for sin and you will reap what you sow. They do not have to be sick. As we go along in this life the sick keep getting sicker. It’s not that we should be mad or angry but saddened and depressed because there is a cure for the infection. We can’t just cut the sick off because that causes a larger problem. When someone has a serious infection they normally give you antibiotics. Too much infection in the body will cause a greater problem and can ultimately end in death. We should not be in despair but declare a cure. The love of Christ is the cure for those that are sick.

The sick should cause us to lose sleep, ruin our leisure, and drive us to our knees to pray. Just because you don’t like your nose doesn’t mean you just cut it off. Some of the members of our body are suffering. Some might think they are getting what they deserved, and that might just be true but, that doesn’t mean to cut them off.

Are We Sick?
This should be the first question that you should ask yourself. You may not feel sick but if there is a member amongst you that is sick, then you too are sick. How many times do you lie to people when they ask you how you’re doing? How are you doing? Fine. How’s your church is doing? Good. All awhile you know the church is sick, attendance, commitment, willingness, etc. When one gets some type of illness you know you’ve got to take care of it so you run to the doctor for help. Yet, when we can’t attend church we don’t take it to the doctor for help. How do you know you’re sick, symptoms. Anything abnormal of the norm is a symptom. Normal for the body of Christ is prayer, love, attendance, commitment, willingness, etc. Somehow some people just get sick and then the abnormal begins to take place.

Is There Hope?
Short answer, YES! The church of Jesus Christ is not going down but going up. One must admit that there is an infection in the body. There are people in our lives that we love so much yet they are in trouble. We know that since God loves us He will chasten His children. God will remove the sin one way or another and it is a fearful thing to fall into His hands being full of sin. We have people that we love dearly but they have been infected by the devil. Not a single person likes to be sick or wants to be sick. No one wakes up and says, I wanted the flu so I went and got it. There is a physician and He can cure. He is the surgeon, the counselor, the pharmacist, He is everything you need. he has the time and always has an opening in His schedule. Jesus gave the perfect illustration when he told the story of the man that was beaten and left for dead. The church walked by and many others but one man recognized that this man needed help. He got in the ditch with him, helped him out, doctored his wounds, purchased clothes and food, and then offered that if there was anything else that he needed to just ask.

We must recognize that we are all in this together. We can easily look around and see those that are missing and want them to come home. Some may say that the COVID thing has messed this up. That’s not true. Sin is the problem, not an actual illness. For 33 years in Pastor Tommy’s ministry, he has never seen a time where the church body didn’t have a sickness. We’ve been infected for a long time and since the 60’s it’s going downhill fast. Not one time have we ever seen all of our church members in attendance at one time. Are we sick? Do we need a cure? Are you responsible to help? Yes, Yes, and Yes! We are all a part of it and we all need to look at our own lives thru God’s microscope for infection. It will take all of us to help. We start with ourselves, examine yourselves, and if you see an infection ask the doctor to remove it.