Is Gods Timing Perfect?

July 21 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: John 11:1-45

We read about David and him being anointed to be king yet for many years ran from Saul all the while asking God, when. Our timing is not God’s timing. Tonight we will discuss the act of patience.

God is in full control. He knows what’s behind and in front. God never takes a vacation or is asleep. God always does things that are for our good. Most of God’s people want God to work, move but we are so impatient. Psalm 119:82; even when we don’t understand what God is doing He is always in full control. There is a lot of times we ask ad beg God to know what He’s doing or His plan yet He doesn’t tell us. Keep in mind, He is never late and always on time.

Daniel prayed and waited for 21 days. Daniel was surely a man of prayer, yet he had to wait, have patience. We read that when God finally came to him He told him that the very first time he prayed God heard him and thereafter. We know by what God told him that Daniel’s prayer was delayed due to a spiritual battle that had to be dealt with first. Keep in mind that God was not late because His timing was perfect for Daniel and his prayer.

Acts 27; Paul was on a ship and they were fighting for their lives in a great storm. Just as Paul we too get to that point where we look around and think that there is no end in sight and we are surely doomed. Fourteen days later God came and Paul with his answer. God didn’t tell Paul that He was going to save them or rescue them. He simply told them to stop fasting and eat and as long as they stay in the boat, they’d be alright. God will not let you down and He is always faithful. The Holy Spirit is the great comforter and as long as you’re saved you’ve got comfort beyond comfort.

  1. Glory for God. John 11:3-4; We don’t usually know why our prayer might be delayed but God does. Be patient because He knows.
  2. For our belief. John 11:14-15; Those that wait on the Lord shall renew their strength. It’s sometimes for our growth in faith and belief. He can not fail. There is no one that can answer that they have enough faith and no longer need more. John 11:21-22, 39; Too late, too late, and too late. Don’t we get discouraged when we don’t get what we want when we want it? We see here they told the King of Kings that He was late. Don’t we do the same thing?
  3. For us to see the glory of God. John 11:40
  4. It just might be for someone else too. John 11:45; There wouldn’t have been anyone there if Jesus had just gone and healed him. The others were there because Lazarus had died.

God is always right and always on time. He’ll never let you down, and He’s never late. Be encouraged!