In Christ Alone

November 4 2020
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: 2 Chronicles 16:1-10

Power in a person usually will bring forth a sinful nature and a great fall.
It might seem that the enemy is great and it might seem that the evil forces are stronger but with God nothing can stand against Him.
In this historical story we see a king that did good towards his people because he looked to God first. But his power got the best of him and he ended up making a league with the enemy. He partnered with the enemy and tried to hide it. God is all knowing and He knew the king had done thins against Him so He sent a word to the king. 
Regardless of the outcome or the person, God will always be God. Evil has violated every corner of our houses. People are killing each other and themselves, addictions of drugs and alcohol are on every corner, hate runs wild among everyone. When trouble comes to your life you won’t run to the mayor or the president but to God for help.
There is not other savior but Jesus Christ. He will raise up a country and He will put them down. There is not a single government that can help anyone. There’s not a single government that’s not bankrupt and yet most everyone goes around acting like we are the richest folks around. Our children’s children will never be able to pay off the debt that our government has created. How did we get that way? We have sold out to the devil himself. In our own county people voted 3 to 1 for the selling of alcohol. The very thing that destroys families we just okayed. 
If you think for one minute that a government or agency can save us, you’re wrong. There is but only one that can save us from the enemy. It’s not a social problem, race or a political one. If your hope is looking at something down here then that’s why you’re upset.