I’m Alright

April 12, 2023

Series: Misc Sermons

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Scripture: Luke 12:13-21

Seems like everyone you talk to about their soul they’ll reply, they’re alright. That statement means they think they’ve got it all figured out on how to get to Heaven and don’t worry about me. Hell is full of people that have made the statement, I’m alright. They thought they had it all worked out with the man upstairs. God doesn’t live upstairs and never has. These people can come up with every excuse they can that they don’t need to attend church. Alright, will send you straight to Hell. Just because you know the 10 Commandments doesn’t mean you’re headed into Heaven. When you die where are you going? People are dying every second and going straight into Hell. Paul thought he was alright until God came to him and revealed Himself to him.

There isn’t a perfect Christian. If you’re looking for someone to compare yourself to then you’ll quickly find out that you might be alright. You’re looking at the wrong comparison. Look to the word of God for your comparison.

Do you have a lot of money or make a lot of tithes to help others? Having money or helping folks doesn’t make it alright. Your money or work will not get you a “ticket” into Heaven. These things will send you straight into Hell.

The pretenders of this world think they’re alright. Anyone can pretend they are someone else, yet it’s just pretending. We can lie to ourselves and convince ourselves into anything. You’re not alright if you’ve not been Born Again. You need to be terrified of the fact that if you die lost you will open your eyes to Hell. Eternity in Hell. We can’t even imagine how nightmarish it is in Hell.

Are you a good person? If you answered yes then you’re a liar. There is no one good especially good enough to enter into Heaven. Warning after warning we read to not go into Hell. The rich man died and immediately he opened his eyes in Hell. No relief, forever. The rich man told Abraham to warn his brothers and Abraham responded that they’d been warned yet they still won’t believe it. Jesus Himself came back from death yet people won’t believe.

“Alright” people don’t get saved, they die lost. Why is this? Because they think they are alright. People that don’t think they are sick won’t go to the doctor. Sin is a sickness, everyone is sick because they are all sinners. Everyone must go to the “doctor”. When you compare yourself to others you’re just looking for who is good and who is bad. God doesn’t judge this way. His judgment is His word.

Repeating a prayer, being a church member, getting baptized, or kneeling at an altar doesn’t save a person. These things are just actions and have nothing to do with getting to Heaven. The 10 Commandments. You say you know them and obey them all. This is covered with another story told in the Bible. Not one person has ever kept all 10 Commandments.

When a person tells you they are alright then they are saying that the Word of God is a lie. There’s not a single person alive that is alright even a saved person. The flesh will never be alright. The flesh is sinful and will always be sinful. If a person is really saved and they make the statement they’re alright, then there is a day of chastening coming to them. God will not allow a saved person to continue to live in sin knowingly.

Most churches have a membership double or even triple compared to their regular attendance. Why is that? Because they have a lot of alright members on the church roll. How many times have you heard when someone dies that they were a good person and in a better place? If they were not saved, they are not alright. One doesn’t go to Heaven to be with mamaw or a family member. Heaven’s purpose is not a family reunion or a place to rest. God doesn’t make deals.

Are you alright?