I Love This Place!

February 22, 2023

Series: Misc Sermons

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Scripture: Psalm 84:1-12

In the Old Testament, we know that God dwelled in structures, tents, temples, tabernacles, mountains, etc. However, after Christ came and gave His life we now have God living within the Christian.

One can be saved anywhere God invites them however most are saved within a church house. If you’re saved in a church then it will certainly hold a special place within your heart.

A lovely place
We have a lovely place to meet in. We have people that take great care of the building. However, the point is, it’s a place of love. It means something to walk into the church house and know there is love there and feel it. Every sabbath Jesus was to be found in a temple. He didn’t have to go to a temple to find His father, but He went anyway. He was setting an example for us to follow. Many people are trying to find a religion. When they walk into the church house they should feel love.

A longed-for place
The people within the church house; the love that they have should create a longing to be at the church house. Have you ever been away from the church house and had a feeling that you can’t wait to be in church? There is a special place to be with the other saints of God. Do you long for it? Does it bother you to lay down the world and attend the church?

Found a home
A sparrow is basically worthless to the world’s currency. The world casts out people all day yet God says the sparrow has a house. If He cares for the sparrow and provides for them, how much more does He love you? Did you know that the house of God doesn’t care about your past? The people of God are all equal sinners in the sight of God. The swallow is a migratory bird. It spends the majority of its life in the wind. It’s very rare to find a swallow sitting and not flying. Yet, it has a nest, a place of rest. For the ones that are on the run, God created a place of rest and a place of protection for them. The best place to have your children is in the house of God, at the altar. The ball fields, video games, TVs, movies, friends, etc., are not places to find peace.

A lively place
The house of God is made up of a bunch of lively foundational stones. There should be life in the members. It should bother you when it’s too quiet. Lively stones should have the “can’t help its”. We should have something to be alive about.

A lifting place
Your strength should be increased each time you assemble in the house of God. Our strength wavers from day to day but we have a restoring place throughout the week. We should be gathering strength by praying and studying our bible however, the strength is really abundantly given by attending the house of God. We eat because we are hungry but also because we are weak and need strength. People have said that they can worship just as well from their couch as in the house of God. That statement is unbiblical and against God’s Word. The mandate set for us is that we are not to fail to assemble ourselves together.

A listening place
Did you know that God listens to His people? When people come together to pray we know that He is listening. He is also looking. A Christian is the chosen, the elect, the ones that will live forever, marked and sealed. He watches us and sees us when we don’t worship, don’t raise our hands, don’t go to the altar and pray, don’t open our bible, don’t sing, etc.

One day in the house of God is better than a thousand ________ (fill in the blank). One doesn’t have to stick out in the crowd to be loved by God in His house. The Assembly of God is biblical and we should never forsake that. It should be something that you love and your heart longs for.

A place of light and learning
The man that preaches is bringing the lamp and the lamp is a light unto our feet.

A place of trust
We learn to lean on God and it’s taught within His house. God often times uses other saints to tell their story of what God has done for them and it helps you to trust more in Him. You can’t get that at home. The video recordings are great but you’re missing the testimonies, the shouting, the singing, and the fellowship.

We as saints must protect God’s house. If God isn’t in charge then we are headed to the ditch.